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CDC Warns People Are Overdosing On Drugs Due To The Pandemic

The current pandemic has seen many unfortunate things happen. While I have tended to focus on the economic side in my writings, it is because economics is one of the main reasons that lead to political and from that, inevitably social catastrophe, so in order to understand the process by which change not just happens, […]

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DHS Improves Facial Recognition Technology On People While Wearing Masks

The use of artificial intelligence and other forms of supercomputing is a major trend for the future that in combination with biometric means will likely reshape society in many different ways. One of those ways is in facial recognition technology, which has become far more accurate over the years owing to ‘machine learning. However, it […]

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Americans Waste More Money On ‘Survival’ Equipment Instead Of Thinking About Principle

Is the world going to end? Possibly as we know it? A lot of people have this sort of thinking, and with good reason. However, as CNBC reports, some are going to very interesting measures to respond, and as such there has been an increase in sale of ‘survival’ homes. This was the year that […]

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The Ancient Aryans And Mankind’s Destructive Spiral Into Paganism

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat I have decided to write on the subject of the ancient Aryans. Why write on this subject? Because I am a human being, and the story of humanity fascinates me. In this story of humankind one finds a component that goes beyond the material world: the state of humanity wherein […]

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Swedish Scientists Prepare To Blot Out The Sun In Experiment For ‘Cooling’ The Earth

There are a lot of, frankly, crazy ideas associated with science. One needs only to think of the mad “Dr. Frankenstein” and his infamous monster immortalized in Shelley’s tale, or of the eugenic madman in The Island of Dr. Moreau, who creates his own race of mutants to rule over on an island, only to […]

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