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A New Coronavirus Outbreak Has Just Happened… In Antartica

By Theodore Shoebat  A new covid outbreak has just happened… in Antartica where 36 Chilean soldiers have been infected, as we read in Reuters: The coronavirus has landed in Antarctica, the last continent previously free from COVID-19, Chile’s military said this week, as health and army officials scrambled to clear out and quarantine staff from […]

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Catholic Priest In Texas Gets Thrown Out Of The Priesthood For Fighting Against The LGBT Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat In June of 2020 a Catholic priest in Del Rio, TX, Fr. Clay Hunt, III, was stripped of his priestly faculties for his combat against the LGBT agenda in his state. He was active in preaching to prisoners in criminal justice ministry in the archdiocese of San Antonio, and according to the […]

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New Science Paper Proposes AI-Based Formula To Pre-Identify Twitter Users Who Post “Unreliable” Information

“Thought crime” or “precrime” is a theme commonly referenced in science fiction novels. It is the idea that computers and supertechnology in a surveillance state setup can be used to predict who will commit a crime and who will not, and with the purpose not of stopping actual crime, but with preventing anybody from expressing […]

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The COVID Legal Disenfranchisement Begins

I have always tried to provide two warnings about COVID. The first is the obvious- to be careful because the disease really is something, and it really can make you very sick, and that it is not a joke. The second is that COVID is being used for the even deadlier purpose, separate from the […]

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Study: 62% Of Americans Will Actively Seek A Second Job In 2021

You heard me say it at You saw me emphasize it over and over at the end of so many pieces. You may have been sick of hearing about it, but I kept telling you because there were too many trends suggesting that it was going to happen. Sure enough, now it is happening. […]

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US Starts Sending Warships Into Chinese Territory

With tensions rising between the US and China, one of the trends for the future that has been watching is a war with China in the future. As Asianews points out, the US has been increasing her naval presence in China to such a point that Washington is moving to counter Beijing’s “expansionist” approach. […]

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