Archive | December 18, 2020


Brazil Rules Everybody Has To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine Or Else Lose State Benefits, Face Movement Restrictions

COVID has brought about a lot of concern to many people, but given the rush to push for a vaccine, there are many questions that the public has, and considering how there have been public adverse reactions to such vaccines, it is understandable that people not want to just rush and take something, especially if […]

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Will Computers Become Scarce Over A ‘Global Chip Shortage’ Now?

For a while, I have noted that the disruption of supply chains caused by COVID is a bid matter and will have major consequences for the future. I have covered disruptions such as to the tool industry or shipping containers from China, based on the production times involved, but according to Reuters, most major electronics […]

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Russia Barred From Participating In The Olympics

One of the trends that has followed, alongside the remilitarization of Russia and looking back to her recent Soviet past, is that of the exclusion of Russia from the ‘world community’, likely with the intention of isolating her in preparation for her invasion and potentially destruction, for in spite of all the blustery talk, […]

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“Religious Leaders” Around The World Stand In Union For Sodomy has for years discussed the major issues concerning the LGBT and its effects and trends on society, which includes many facets but is not limited to religious freedom, personal liberty, and the changing nature of the laws. However, in spite of thousands of years of clear teaching, and opposition from other religions as well, […]

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Spain Legalizes Euthanasia

Once upon a time, Spain not only conquered the world, but Christianized many people with extensive and terrifying challenges to overcome, such as the Aztecs with their history of human sacrifice. But Five centuries later, much has changed in Spain, and not only is the Faith scarcely practiced any more, but many times it is […]

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