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The Ones Who Want To “Overthrow The Elites” Are Evil Mass Murderers

By Theodore Shoebat In the world of internet politics we have been hearing a lot about overthrowing #theElites in some sort of grandiose revolution. From my reading of #history, both old and recent, one thing that we can conclude is that those who call for revolution not only want to revolt against the establishment but […]

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Dozens Of “Extremist Jewish Settlers” Storm Al-Asqa Mosque Courtyard And Perform “Talmudic Rituals” With Police Protection

Tensions between the Jews, especially the “ultra-orthodox”/Hasidic/Haredi type groups have become very extreme, to the point of resulting in violence being committed against Christians and Muslims in Israel. Recently one of such types attempted to burn down a Catholic Church for no clear motivation other than hatred, the infamous massacre of Muslims or no reason […]

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NATO And Russia Conduct Naval Drill Together For The First Time In A Decade

With tensions rising between NATO and Russia, it is a rare thing to see something potentially positive between them, at least in a superficial sense. However, as ThomsonReuters reports, there is at least one positive event taking place as for the first time in a decade, NATO and Russia are going to take part in […]

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Will The Radio Signals Go Dark?

Ever since Marconi made his famous radio broadcast in 1920, radio has been a virtual staple of communication, for while by comparison it is a very simple technology, it is one of the most reliable forms of electronic technology that can connect people, especially in isolated areas. However, the Washington Post reports that some signals […]

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So It Begins- Americans Begin Stealing Out Of Desperation

I have said for a while that people are going to get desperate and times will be very tough. This is the reality for a significant bloc of the population and it is not getting better. People are suffering. They hurt, and suffering people dealing with shock and who are scared do desperate things. For […]

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…And Here We Are, Back In 2000

Throughout the buildup to this election, I noted repeatedly that the conditions appeared to be setting up for a repeat of an election 2000 type scenario, where President Bush was installed into office not because of a clear win, but due to intervention by the Supreme Court. I have said consistently that while the chances […]

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