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cross hated by HOA

Christian Family In North Carolina Puts Up Cross On Their Yard To Celebrate Christmas. Home Owners Association Tells Christian Family: ‘Take Your Cross Down Or Else Pay A Fine.’

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian family in North Carolina placed up a cross in front of their home to celebrate Christmas. The HOA ordered that they remove the cross under the threat of a fine. According to ABC 7: A reason for the season or an HOA violation? One North Carolina family would’ve never thought […]

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PA GOP Leader Declares She Won’t Support Trump Because ‘I’d Get My House Bombed Tonight’

Politics always has been a contentious thing for different peoples throughout history, but sometimes it is more contentious than at other times. The recent fighting between the political ‘left’ and ‘right’ in the US in the last election is a good example of this, and this dislike of other people for political opinions has been […]

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The ceasefire breaks as fighting erupts between Azeris and Armenians

Fighting broke out between Armenians and Azeris. What this signals is that the ceasefire isn’t going to fix things, and that the fighting and tensions over Nagorno-Karabakh is going to be ongoing and continuous, giving opportunities to both Turkey and Russia to capitalize on the situation to advance their own geopolitical goals. Overall, this is […]

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A GOP Victory

The fighting has gone on for over a month as people wondered if Trump would still be president or Biden would take his place. After much consternation, fighting disagreements, and general public anger, the series of lawsuits filed by Trump to ‘recount’ the election have finally run their course as a major lawsuit brought by […]

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Pope Francis Discusses “Zairean Rite”, Possible “Amazon Rite”

One of the fun facts about the Catholic Church, and something that speaks to her diversity representing the human race’s cultural expressions in the context of theological orthodoxy, are “rites”. These are different ways of celebrating the mass for different groups of people in certain areas. Most of these are tied to major political or […]

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UK Moves To Outlaw Petroleum-Powered Cars In Favor Of Electric Ones

The future is always in motion, but with each industrial revolution, it seems more “here” than in a story, but that the stories of the past become reality. In the case of transportation, one of the trends to watch for will be increasing urbanization combined with newer “technologies” for vehicles, such as electric cars. The […]

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