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Theodore Shoebat Debates A Far-Left Anarchist Who Wants To Overthrow The US Government

By Theodore Shoebat In this video I debate Robert James Cross, a far-Leftist who calls himself an anarcho-monarchist and who wants to overthrow the US government. It was a good faith debate even though I find his ideology to be destructive:

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China Dam Plan Causes India To Practically Curse

China and India are in a very poor state of relations right now as the two great nations with the largest world populations and third and fourth strongest militaries have been battling with each other through skirmishes on the border regions of the two nations. The accusations have flown and bodies have fallen, and at […]

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12022020c Warning About Russo-Japanese Geopolitics Takes Form As Russia Sends Missiles To Disputed Archipelago

Almost two years ago, I wrote a piece here on about a disputed archipelago between Russia and Japan. The Russian call them the Kuril, the Japanese the Chishima, but the small islands that lay between the southernmost point of Sakhalin Island in Russia to the tip of Hokkaido in Japan are very important for […]

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Trump Actually May Be In Real Trouble Now

When I cover President Trump- as I will do with Biden too -I try to see the good, bad, and ugly in him, because he is first a human being before a political figurehead. Some believe Trump can do no wrong. Some believe Trump is, like a Hindu pagan deity, another incarnation of absolute evil. […]

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Welcome The Telescreen As Mississippi Police Seek Access To Live-Stream At Home Security Cameras

In the dystopic novel 1984, as well as its Russian inspiration “We” by Evgeny Zamyatin, there are screens- the “telescreen” -that broadcasts information all day as well as spies on the public. Nowhere can one go to avoid the telescreen. has warned about many trends, including one of them being the formation of conditions […]

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