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UN Report: 270 Million May Starve As Threat Of Catastrophic Famine Approaches

In a special UN session addressing the effects of the COVID pandemic on the world, the UN reports that up to 270 million people may starve due to pandemic-generated food insecurity, and at least 80 million- almost the entire population of Germany -are now refugees. Several speakers pointed to the dangerous immediate future of COVID-19 […]

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Was A Michigan Man’s Home Attacked With Bombs Because Of His Support Of Trump?

One of the trends that has continued to emphasize is the growing reality of political violence between right and left and how it could erupt into something much more serious. It is with interest then that a Michigan man’s home is under investigation after it was attacked with bombs by what the homeowner suspects […]

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Tunisian Muslim Man Arrested, Charged With Anti-Christian Church Murders

Back in October 2020, the world watched as a young man, said to have been a Muslim and carrying a copy of the Koran, walked into a Catholic Church and viciously stabbed and beheaded two elderly people and stabbed a third to death at mass while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the Cathedral at Nice. These […]

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Movie Theatres Are Going Extinct

The movie theatre has been an American pastime for about a century, serving as the first “televisions” and later as a twentieth century cultural experience. However, some things pass away with time. For example, the horse, a famous and traditional “vehicle” in various forms, gave way to the car beginning in the 1910s. Likewise, the […]

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For Millions Of Americans, The Future Is Bleak For 2021

Many Americans have expressed hope that 2021 will be better than 2020. However, as I have warned, the chance of a true improvement is unlikely because of the same fundamentals I have said before, which is debt leading to an inability to pay bills, leading to impoverishment of both the average man and business alike, […]

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