Archive | December 13, 2020


Will 2021 See A Major Famine?

A lot of people are hoping for better things in 2021. However, according to US News reporting by way of Reuters, this may not be the case, as while there are famines taking place right now throughout the world, there may be in a sense a global food shortage leading to mass famines. Next year […]

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Stocks Go Up To Record Highs As 93% Of Global Economies Tank

COVID did not destroy the world economies, but just exposed what was already there, and with each passing day and the more information that comes out, the more difficult things seem to be. According to the European Central Bank and reported on by Zero Hedge, new market research shows that 93% of economies around the […]

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Will Trump’s Lawyers Get Sued?

With the dust settling over the election 2020 debacle, the Washington Post asks an interesting and critical question- will lawyers for Trump who filed lawsuits on his behalf now find themselves in a legal crosshair over ‘frivolous lawsuit’ accusations? President Trump’s legal team is entering into what might be its most desperate election challenge yet […]

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