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The American Empire Is Declining

When the Azeris and Armenians were killing each other in their most recent conflict Nagorno-Karabakh, the United States did not get involved. Instead, two regional powers — Turkey and Russia — were the ones who intervened, with Russia brokering the ceasefire. These two former empires filled in the power vacuum, in pursuit of reviving their […]

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Will, In The Future, Arranged Marriage Return As A Concept?

COVID has changed many things about society, including how people relate to each other. In an interesting article from the AP, a trend has emerged now where some young girls in Africa, due to COVID influenced economic conditions, are being married off early. Many countries had made progress against such traditional and transactional marriages of […]

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“She Makes Brash Comments To The World Because She Wants To Get Nankinged Again”

China seems to be attempting to exert herself to the world with more boldness each day. According to Dnyuz, China’s nationalistic bloc is taking a more aggressive approach to world politics, including the US. The sci-fi digital illustrations by the artist, Fan Wennan, caught fire on Chinese social media in recent months, reflecting a resurgent […]

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Oil Tanker Bombed In Saudi Arabia

Fortunately no one seems to have been hurt, but the Wall Street Journal reports that an oil tanker with a Singaporean flag was bombed at port Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. An oil tanker docked at the Saudi port city of Jeddah was struck and suffered an explosion Monday, the ship’s owner said, following a string […]

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