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Southern California Has Massive, Unexpected Fire

California has a long reputation for horrible fires, and now because of the Santa Ana winds in combination with very dry conditions, reports that a fire started in Orange County that is moving fast and could get a lot worse. Driven by Santa Ana winds, a house fire in California’s Orange County spread to […]

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Joe Biden Declares That One Of His First Acts As President Will Be To Tell Americans That They Need To Wear Their Masks For 100 Days

By Theodore Shoebat Joe Biden just affirmed that as president one of his first acts will be to tell Americans that they need to wear their masks for 100 days, as we read in Yahoo! News: Joe Biden said Thursday that he will ask Americans to commit to 100 days of wearing masks as one […]

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The Government Of France Now Wants To Shut Down Seventy-Six Mosques For Promoting Islamic Terrorism

By Theodore Shoebat The government of France now wants to shut down dozens of mosques for promoting Islamic terrorism, as we read in RT: The French government has threatened to close dozens of mosques that have been flagged as potential security threats. The measures are part of an aggressive campaign to weed out Islamic extremism […]

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Israel warns its citizens that Iran could start murdering Israelis around the world

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Israel has warned its citizens that Iran could start murdering Israelis abroad, as we read in RT: Israel has issued a warning to its citizens abroad about potential terrorist attacks amid threats from Tehran of retaliatory action in response to the killing of a top Iranian nuclear scientist. Iran […]

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Will Biden Force The “Equality Act”?

The upcoming Biden administration is going to be important to watch because given Trump’s actions in breaking with past presidential policies, now that he has set a precedent, Biden is likely going to use this to justify doing the same for any number of new laws and ideas. One of them which LifeSiteNews pointed out […]

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COVID Economic Disruptions Worsened By Panama Canal Backups

COVID has disrupted shipping supplies and the flow of goods and services around the world, but it is not just COVID that is causing this. According to FreightWaves, a series of delays at the Panama Canal, one of the most important shipping passages in the world, is causing major backups in the trade supply chain. […]

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Putin Orders Mass Inoculations For A Vaccine He Won’t Take

Russia claimed to be the first nation to have developed a COVID vaccine, called- in a name that is a curious throwback to the Soviet period -the Sputnik V. Now according to Live Mint, Russia is preparing, per Putin’s order, to have mass vaccinations. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered authorities to begin mass […]

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