Archive | December 8, 2020


Republican Party Retweets Tweet Asking If Supporters Are Ready To “Give Their Lives” For President Trump

I had difficulty believing this when I saw it, for while not unknown to historical patterns, the claim that the GOP, or even the Democrats, would ask for their party members to ‘die’ for ‘their president’ is strange. Yet here it is, 2020, and as Mediaite reports, from a tweet by the Arizona GOP, the […]

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Police Rescue Thirty People From Cartels In The United States has reported often times that the infamous cartels of Mexico are known for abusing people in the horrible drug wars that claim dozens of lives each day. But now, not only are the cartels spreading deep into the US, but are showing signs, continuing on an existing trend, of diversifying their operations into other […]

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Water Officially Becomes A Futures Commodity- KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS

For years, I have been aware of the global “water wars” that were coming. This is not because of a lack of freshwater, but largely due to gross human mismanagement of freshwater resources for the same reasons of so many other failures in life- greed, human corruption, dishonesty, and a desires for power over one’s […]

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