Archive | December 29, 2020


FAA Approves Drone Flights At Night

Drones are going to be a major trend to watch for the future, since they will fundamentally transform how people interact with each other as well as the potential for surveillance and abuse like never before seen. Noting this, it is of interest that Reuters reports that the FAA has approved that at night, drones […]

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German Military Officer Caught Disguising Himself As Terrorist Refugee, And Lesson From Trading Places

For a long time, violence from migrants to Europe has been discussed. Many of the stories from horrible things that people have experienced are true and cannot be discounted. However, as with all things, it is important to present balance, and to note that it is not all migrants, and that the migrants are seemingly […]

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Church And The Post-COVID Future

According to an article from Christianity Today, the trend for the future of churches is going to be ‘microchurches’, caused in large part by the seeming collapse of religious institutions that has been exposed by COVID, where people leave church and are not returning. For the past four years, the Greens have been active with […]

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Claim: COVID Infections Cause Insanity In Some Patients

One of the interesting aspects of COVID is that we can see its effects in real time on people to see how the virus alters short and long-term behavior. For example, it is known that people who get Lyme Disease can be cured, but it is also a well-established fact that “long-term Lyme” is real […]

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