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“Mystery Meat” Is Not A Joke Any More

One of the long-running jokes in America about questionable food, especially in public school lunch rooms, is calling the meat “mystery meat” because you don’t actually know what it is, in spite of what it is labeled as on the box (and as one who had family who worked in public school cafeterias and for […]

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Rompler (right), a rabbi and cult leader. You would think that the veiled women are in Iran, but no this is how women in the Jewish cult, Lev Havor, are required to dress.

Jewish Cult Leader Has Child Stripped And Beaten For Hours, He Has Children Starved And Even Prohibits Sick Children From Taking Medicine. In The Middle Of His Trial He Flees To Guatemala

By Theodore Shoebat A Jewish cult leader in Israel, Rabbi Elazar Rompler, was horrifically abusing children. He had one child stripped and beaten for hours, and this was not uncommon in his reign of terror. Children were starved and sick children were deprived of the medicine that they needed. In the middle of this despot’s trial, […]

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House Votes To Decriminalize Medical Marijuana

I have been continually saying that drug legalization is a major trend for the future. This will have major consequences for the future on the legal system, financial investments, and society. It is global too, and once it picks up support in the US, which it is doing on a statewide level, it could become […]

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“Religious Jewish Man” Arrested After Trying To Burn Down Catholic Church On The Mount Of Olives In Israel

According to the Jerusalem Post, a Jewish man was arrested after trying to burn down a Catholic Church on the Mount of Olives in Israel. Police arrested on Friday a religious Jewish man after he set fire to the inside of a Roman-Catholic church called The Church of All Nations located on the Mount of […]

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