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Covid Is Revealing The Anti-Christianity Of The Democrats

By Theodore Shoebat As states allow strip clubs, casinos, marijuana shops and acupuncture to be in operation, churches have been forced to shut down under Democrat governments like in New York and California. The Supreme Court has determined this to be contrary to the Constitution. What covid has revealed is the anti-Christianity of the Democrats:

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US Is Officially Training For A War With “Hard Targets”

About fifteen years ago, I was sitting with a person who I had done work with as a part of my academic studies who became a friend. She is an older woman, but was very involved in political circles with powerful people. We were talking about the future, and she said that a friend of […]

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US Military: China Conducting Human Testing To Make Genetically Modified Super Soldiers warned you that the future of war would be robotics, AI, and a merger of man and machine up to and possibly including something like what was seen in the Terminator film series. As a continuation of that trend, NBC News reports that the US military has declared that China is experimenting on soldiers […]

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Since 2015, 11,500 Christians Have Been Slaughtered By Muslims In Nigeria

By Theodore Shoebat Since 2015, 11,500 Christians have been butchered in Nigeria by Muslims, as we read in a recent report from the Daily Signal: Horrific massacres of Christians in the northern and middle parts of Nigeria at the hands of Muslim militants and terrorists have been a daily occurrence in recent years. Nigeria, a […]

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Patriot Act Used To Collect Even More Data In 2019

One of the trends that people have noted for years was that of the Patriot Act being a tool to pry more into the personal lives of men for no clear reason other than just monitoring. This has caused a lot of concern for people because it is a step towards implementing a more totalitarian […]

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Why Is The DoD Monitoring COVID Vaccines?

COVID is a major concern, but as I have noted, sometimes the effects or “cure” is worse than the actual problem. This is not just with COVID, but is a problem consistent throughout history. One does not want to “fix” something with a solution now that raises more questions in the future. An example of […]

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The Turks Want To Sabotage Russia’s Position In Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh)

By Theodore Shoebat The Russians are now warning that the Turks want to sabotage Russia’s position in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). I did a video on this: According to the Following the end of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense signed an agreement with Russia on the establishment of a joint situation monitoring […]

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