Archive | December 16, 2020


Study: Agnosticism Explodes In The US, Almost Half Of People Are Unsure Of God’s Existence

One of the trends that I have pointed out at is the rise of secularism with a complete lack or indifference to belief in God. America was even at her height a questionably Christian nation, with a long of unbelief. However, this has only become more apparent with time, and with the passing of […]

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Italy’s Population Is In Decline And Changing Because Of Her Choices

Nations are made of people, and as people change, nations change. Sometimes nations disappear because the people disappear, either usually by moving or refusing to reproduce and then being replaced by another group. Italy is an ancient nation, and while she is not ‘disappearing’, she is certainly changing. It is already interesting that she is […]

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New York Expresses Desire To Make Some Taxes On Wealthy New Yorkers ‘Retroactive’

When new laws are passed, they supercede previous ones. Historically in American and most laws in the world save for the worst of third-world nations ruled by tin-pot dictators, laws are generally ‘grandfathered’ in, meaning that if a change happens to a law, those who were in a previous state before the law are not […]

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