Archive | December 30, 2020


Two-Thirds Of Americans Embrace A Veritable Telescreen

In the famous dystopian science fiction novel 1984, there is something called a ‘telescreen’, which broadcasts as well as monitors all people everywhere they go. Once thought to be only in books, and as well as a warning about the future and what could happen. However, it seems that few have paid attention, as a […]

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Round Two Of Trump Bucks Continues

Printing money as a form of economic stimulus without fixing the underlying problems latent that caused them is like a Pringles commercial. Instead of “once you pop you just don’t stop,” it becomes “once you print you just don’t stop,” and the reason is because by adding money to the system, it speeds up the […]

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Russian Orthodox Church Defrocks Major Voice Against Sodomy On Charges Of “Blasphemy”

The Russian Orthodox Church has a sodomy problem in its ranks. I have detailed this on where priests, bishops, and even entire seminaries (such as the one in Kazan) are filled with homosexuals who sodomize each other and nothing is done to stop it. But unlike the Catholic Church, where the scandal is open […]

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