Archive | December 11, 2020


USCCB Declares That “All Are Welcome” Is No Longer Welcome

For those who have been to many a Catholic parish, the notorious hymn “All Are Welcome” may play. This hymn, while well-meaning in the general sense, causes many problems because in truth, not all people are welcomed into Heaven because of choices. The sinner is welcome to be forgiven if he wants it and to […]

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Manhattan DA ‘Tightens The Screws’ On Trump Investigation

Trump has attracted much attention after he became president, but sometimes that is not a good thing. According to Dnyuz, the Manhattan DA is proverbially speaking, in the process of ‘tightening the screws’ on Trump as his investigation into the President’ finances and business dealings continue. State prosecutors in Manhattan have interviewed several employees of […]

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Major Casino Boss Adelson Wants To Build Casinos In Texas

Texas has been going through a lot of changes recently, especially due to the migrant invasion from California- of almost entirely American-born non-Hispanic persons of extreme political persuasions – that as a rat jumping over a shipside having gnawed a hole into the hull and it is now sinking, are scurrying away into Texas. The […]

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A Cautionary Tale From New York

I just got off from a conversation with an old friend who reached out to me about a situation with a Syrian Moslem refugee family living in the Bronx in their apartment building. I’m going to leave out a lot of details, but hopefully will not detract from the message of it. To give context, […]

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