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2027: The Year When The Nations Will Turn Their Plowshares Into Swords

“Beat your plowshares into swords And your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, ‘I am strong.’ ” — Joel 3:10 As the darkness of militarism and tribal nationalism permeates the earth with its vicious presence, an acceleration towards massive military build up is on the way. In the ongoing trends towards militarism, what […]

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So Much For MAGA- Trump Appoints Major Anti-230 Lawyer To Deputy Assistant Secretary

Trump promised to “make America great again.” He clearly failed in this, not because of “the Democrats”, but his own choices that he had complete control over. One of the areas where Trump failed was in improving the deteriorating conditions inclining the US more toward socialism than ever before. One of those are attacks on […]

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FDA Approves Consumption Of First Genetically Modified Pig

Pork is a delicious meat, highly nutritious, and under federal law, cannot be administered growth hormones. This is a good thing. However, Business Insider reports that for the first time, genetically modified pigs will be sold as food, making it the second animal after salmon to be approved for sale as a “gmo” meat. The […]

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12152020a Prediction Comes True As Azerbaijan Feigns Humanitarianism In Order To Assert Herself Over Armenia

In October 2020, I wrote the following: …there is a lot of grief in Azerbaijan over the treatment of Azeris by Armenians, particularly because of forced deportations of Azeris from Armenian controlled regions. If Azerbaijan gains territories and does nothing to the Armenians living there, they could present themselves a a sort of benevolent liberator […]

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