“She Makes Brash Comments To The World Because She Wants To Get Nankinged Again”

China seems to be attempting to exert herself to the world with more boldness each day. According to Dnyuz, China’s nationalistic bloc is taking a more aggressive approach to world politics, including the US.

The sci-fi digital illustrations by the artist, Fan Wennan, caught fire on Chinese social media in recent months, reflecting a resurgent nationalism. China’s authoritarian system, proponents say, is not just different from the West’s democracies, it is also proving itself superior. It is a long-running theme, but China’s success against the pandemic has given it a sharp boost.

“America isn’t that heavenly kingdom depicted since decades ago,” said Mr. Fan, who is in his early twenties. “There’s nothing special about it. If you have to say there’s anything special about it now, it’s how messed up it can be at times.”

China’s Communist Party, under its leader, Xi Jinping, has promoted the idea that the country is on a trajectory to power past Western rivals.

China stamped out the coronavirus, the messaging goes, with a resolve beyond the reach of flailing Western democracies. Beijing has rolled out homegrown vaccines to more than a million people, despite the safety concerns of scientists. China’s economy has revived, defying fears of a deep slump from the pandemic.

“In this fight against the pandemic, there will be victorious powers and defeated ones,” Wang Xiangsui, a retired Chinese senior colonel who teaches at a university in Beijing, averred this month. “We’re a victor power, while the United States is still mired and, I think, may well become a defeated power.”

The firm leadership of Mr. Xi and the party has earned China its recent success, say newspapers, television programs and social media.

“Time to wake up from blind faith in the Western system,” said a commentary in the state-run China Education News last week. “Vicious partisan fighting has worsened in certain Western countries, social fissures have deepened, and a severe social crisis is brewing.”

“I think China has gained the psychological edge,” said Mr. Liu, in his 40s, who described the pandemic as a turning point in his attitudes. “The performance of the West was completely out of my expectations and shifted my thinking even more — the facts prove that the American system really has no superiority.” (source)

Now before panicking, there are some things to remember about China.

China wants to rise as a world power…and so does Europe and Japan again.

Remember that Europe, Japan, and Turkey are all major world powers throughout history. They all have had great empires. Some nations, by comparison, are historical ‘slave’ nations or subjugated ones. One of the most subjugated of those nations is China. Whether it is Japan, France, the UK, Portugal, Spain, the US, or the many, mof farTurkic races who have conquered her, the history of the China is the history of a people continually conquered by the rest of the world. Even the “greatest accomplishments” of Chinese history were not owed to the “native Chinese”, but to the red-haired, blue-eyed Turkic Tocharians under the notorious Emperor Qin (after which “China” is named for so many languages) because it was Qin who standardized the Chinese language and characters that lasted until 1949 (an still does in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and foreign “Huaqiao” communities), made the Great Wall, made the Terra Cotta soldiers, and organized the imperial system of measurements or standard units of measurement in weight, quantity, and time.

Past history is the greatest predictor of future trends, and China’s history for thousands of years is one of slavery after slavery. That is something certainly to think about.

But it gets better. As noted, nobody likes China. Nobody. No one. People don’t like dealing with the Chinese because of the endemic corruption, cheating, dishonestly, poor quality, and lack of standards in economic affairs. Business goes to China because it is cheap, but the idea of “cheap Chinese junk” is real, and unlike Japan after World War II, who made quality things and built a quality country into a first world nation, China continues to peddle garbage to the world and her own people, and does not care.

The dislike of China is also rooted, as noted above, in her behavior. The Americans and Western Europeans will take but they tend to build things up and make places better than when they left, or at least they attempt to. One only needs to look at the numerous road, railway, architectural, industrial, and infrastructure projects that the old European colonizers and Americans have left wherever they go. The Russians too- and even under the notoriously destructive Communists in the Soviet period -did or attempted to do things of real value.

But China? Chinese power is not indicated by what she contributes or the order she brings, but by the messes that she creates and leaves behind wherever she goes. Whether it is in Africa, southeast Asia, or her own nation, China’s presence is defined by a lack of organization and the transformation of good and useful things into garbage. Perhaps in China proper, the most notorious example of this is the ‘Three Gorges Dam’ that turned a large plot of what little useful an productive farmland China has into a useless dam that produces a meager amount of electricity in comparison of the cost of the farmland that was destroyed.

Third, and connected to the above, is that China has no real allies. Her only ally is Pakistan, and like China, nobody likes Pakistan either, and Pakistan has nothing of the resources, power, or ability to “help” China in a war, since she will have to fight off a ravenous Iran and India whose problem will not be whether or not they can conquer Pakistan, but whose turn it is to rape Pakistan for their pleasure. Even Russia, the so-called “great ally” of China, is a joke because Russia fears a Chinese takeover of Siberia (since Russia does not have the resources to successfully defend Siberia and due to sheer population numbers, China could cross the Russian border and claim the region without firing weapons), and so while Russia may nominally support China, she would be more likely to quietly and heavily arm as well as provide logistical support to the numerous Turkic minorities of Siberia who are willing to take up arms against China.

China’s lack of allies are met by her direct enemies. Every nation in Asia hates her to the point of being willing to invade or fight her, and others will support any resistance against China because they fear her. For all her talk of “power”, China will have to face off against Japan- a historical imperial power with a history of enslaving China -in the northeast, an angry and equally large and powerful in comparison to China’s army in India to her southwest, rebellions throughout southeast Asia, rebellions and possibly separatist states all throughout the western two-thirds of China from the Turkic minorities she has so severely abused, direct military opposition from the US, and extensive support including but not limited to direct military conflict with Germany, France (who also has the world’s second most powerful navy), and the UK.

Fourth, to but it bluntly, China’s military is a joke. They can be ranked as strong as they want, but just a few months ago, the so-called ‘great Chinese army’ had a first real test of her capabilities, and suffered 2:1 casualties against India during a fight with Indian troops on the Sino-Indian border in the Ladakh region, with 40 Chinese and 20 Indian soldiers dead.

That was just against India- who is weaker than China. What is to be said of China if she was to go against a real military power- the US, Japan, or France -in a serious fight? She would probably lose, let alone against a collective of nations throughout Asia.

Fifth, the world sees China as an abusive power. While the Americans can lie, the Russians can bluff, and other nations can cover up their misdeeds, China’s vengeful attitudes combined with a sense of self-righteous arrogance and fruitless activity make her hated by people who watch her.

Just look at those drawings cited earlier. This is something that North Korea would put out, and nobody takes her seriously. But China doing this? Why do people want to ‘respect’ a China whose history is destroying everything around her? This is not how a hero is perceived, but rather a menace to the world that people want to destroy. When one adds into this the Chinese treatment of the Uighurs, her use of the infamous ‘social credit’ system, and her other abuses, people do not want to envision a future under her.

None of this is a good sign for China’s future, for as she rises militarily, so will people’s anger against her, and they will not care what happens to her, so long as ‘China is stopped’.

In the famed 1991 serial killer drama The Silence Of The Lambs, the serial killer Jame Gumb, played by Ted Levine, one of the most infamous lines he says, while torturing his victim Catherine Martin (played by Brooke Smith) is “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

This like seems pertinent to China’s behavior with the US and the world in general right now, except with a slight modification, that instead of “it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again,” it is “China makes brash comments to the world because she wants to get Nankinged again”- and no one will care. Indeed, a study of history would show that China DOES have the potential to rise, but instead of actually trying to rise in a way that would best suit her long-term interests, the problems of pride, arrogance, and willful ignorance- things common to all men but in China’s case directly and consistently cause her fall from world power -overshadow the cold, calculating reason that other nations (US, Germany, UK, France, Russia, etc.) make use of and what has been able to advance them so far.

The world doesn’t need another Nanking, but if history is a guide, there is a real possibility it may repeat, and instead of avoiding the patterns that lead up to it, like a scene in a horror movie, the nation seems to be running down the worst of all possible paths and only to meet an untimely end. One would think that one would not want to place oneself in a very destructive situation, but if one consistently chooses not to see the connection between one’s actions and potential outcomes, what answer could there be other than willingly and knowingly to ask for the same problems over and over again when one had considerable chances to choose otherwise but clearly chose to do otherwise?


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