Group Of Children And Teens Is Carjacking People In Chicago

Since the death of the convicted felon, small-time criminal, and porn star who kidnapped and tortured a pregnant woman at gunpoint George Floyd in May 2020 and soon afterwards the shooting of the drunk criminal who fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-through, then attacked a police officer, stole his weapon, and attempted to attack the same cop with his weapon Rayshard Brooks, there have been continued calls from many ‘activist’ groups to “defund the police”, the largest and loudest of them being the group “Black Lives Matter”, which has remained curiously silent on other non-politically exploitable pointless murders that have taken place in the same period, such as the murder of eight-year-old Secoria Turner. But nevertheless, these groups have pushed on saying that because they do not like the fact that these two men met their final moments at the hands of police, that the police have no place in society and that ‘communities’ can police themselves.

While this may be true for some communities, the human experience shows that because of Original Sin, men are inclined to fighting, arguments, and violence, and that one bad apple is enough to ruin a whole community. Because of this, police are necessary. However, with the calls to “defund the police”, and a decrease many times in police presence, crime has exploded, both likely due to the vacuum of enforcement as well as due to the emboldening of criminals amid the current political conditions. Some of this violence has been horrible, such as one story from Chicago by way of Fox5NY reports, that a mob of underage children and teens from 10 to 17 have been attacking people and stealing their cars.

Chicago police say a group of children, ages 10 to 17, carjacked Blanchard and at least 15 other people since late June — wreaking havoc on Blanchard’s generally peaceful South Side neighborhood.

Police said shots were fired by the suspects in two of the carjackings, but no one was hit.

“I’m scared to use my garage. I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood,” said Blanchard, an elementary school teacher at Chicago Public Schools.

What’s especially painful for Blanchard was seeing her stolen BMW used the next day to carjack a woman in the parking lot of Trinity Hospital, a few blocks from her home, she said.

“I don’t want to have to tell my kid about how some young woman was killed or shot with kids using my vehicle. It was traumatizing,” Blanchard, 44, said.

Blanchard was carjacked July 14 while returning home in the early evening. As she pulled into her alley garage on South Kingston Avenue, she noticed a vehicle and three or four children come toward her.

Two children armed with handguns pointed them to her head and ordered her out of her BMW, she said. One child looked as young as 11, she said.

“It was so instantaneous … I was just scared for my life. I thought, ‘this is it,’” she said.

They took her purse, which had about $300 inside, and jumped inside her BMW and rode off, she said.

Blanchard said the children used her BMW the next day to carjack a woman in the parking lot of Trinity Hospital. In that carjacking, a 21-year-old was seated in her Lexus when four or five teens exited a BMW, with two of them confronting her with guns, police said.

Two teens forced her to the ground outside the car, but she grabbed onto a door handle and held on until the teens drove off, police said. The woman was treated for a foot injury.

Blanchard said police recovered her BMW, which had been crashed a couple days after the carjacking.

Blanchard said she was dismayed to see such young children involved in this type of crime.

“I teach this age group and I can’t believe they would do this,” she said.

Police published a community alert Sunday evening warning of 14 other carjackings tied to the children. According to the alert, the children are committing the carjackings at a greater frequency, with six carjackings reported just last Saturday: (source)

Welcome to the future, where children run around openly committing South-African tier crimes in major American cities, while adults cry out to ‘defund the police’.

A dystopic novel about the future doesn’t even apply, since the more one looks at the changes taking place, the more it seem that reality has become art.

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