Canadian CDC Declares That Sodomy With Strangers Is “Safe” And Prevents The Spread Of COVID-19

There are some things that one may look at and just shake his head, wondering what logical process was justified in order to reach certain conclusions. However, this should not be a surprise, for while people do certain things for money, power is a greater concern, and within the realm of power the most important concern is philosophy, since that acts as the basis for all actions. There are good and evil philosophies, and while many good people go through life without a philosophy, a lot of bad or evil men do have one, and it is how they are able to make so many problems for others.

According to an article on Zero Hedge and confirmed on the British Columbia Center for Disease Control Website, “glory holes” are listed as a way to practice “safe sex” during COVID-19. For those unfamiliar with the practice, a “glory hole” is from homosexual subculture, where there is a hole in a wall (usually a bathroom stall or a room in a porn shop) where one man inserts his member through and the person on the other side proceeds to “service” his member and with total anonymnity.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control’s website has an entire section dedicated to sex education during the virus pandemic. Deep within, government leading health experts suggest “glory holes” could be the safest technique to minimize virus spreading during sex.

“Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact,” the Canadian CDC wrote. (source)

This sounds ridiculous, but it really is listed on the British Columbia CDC website, as hard as it would seem to believe that.

According to this logic, contact with people needs to be between barriers, using social distancing and masks. But taking ones members and sticking it into the mouth or anus of an unknown person in a dirty location is a “safe act”.

This is the reason why some people have called the current state of life in the modern western world by the name of “clown world”, since insanity is normal and sanity is extremism meant to be persecuted and destroyed in the name of freedom and rights.

What is more disturbing is that things are not going to improve, but become far worse with time.

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