A Preview of Tomorrow (Next Week? Next Month? Next Year?) About The Election

Once this election nonsense is decided, I am going to do a longer post about this counting with an analysis, as it is too early to say anything definitively.

However, I will give you a preview.

The preview is, that the winner of this election will be the loser because whoever gets the office in 2020 will be blamed- for right or wrong -on the problems that will come, and there are a LOT of extremely serious problems that are going to happen. In fact, if Trump does not win, he could leave Biden with a situation- theoretically speaking -where Biden goes down in history as another Hoover and with that to prompt a GOP revival. If Biden does not win, the Democrats have a perfect excuse to remake themselves and potentially put the GOP into serious decline.

In this election, the winner is going to be the loser. One only needs to recall the words from WarGames, “The way to win is not to play”.

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