Trump Just Got 28,000 More Votes From A DEMOCRAT STRONGHOLD In Arizona, Narrowing Biden’s Lead In The State

This election keeps getting more and more interesting, as Trump just got 28,000 more ballots favorable to him. These votes were not from a pro-Trump area, but from a Democrat stronghold. As we read in AZ Central:

As counties continued counting ballots, Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona grew narrower.
President Donald Trump’s campaign got a boost on Thursday evening from the Democratic stronghold of Pima County. Election workers counted more than 28,000 early ballots and showed them breaking favorably for Trump.

Mark Evans, the spokesperson for Pima County, said 14,484 of the early votes counted Thursday were cast for Trump, while 13,045 early ballots counted on Thursday were cast for Biden. That’s a 1,400 net gain for Trump as he has narrowed Biden’s lead statewide.

Evans said Pima County still has 9,000 remaining early ballots that need to be tabulated, as well as 18,000 provisional ballots.