Will Biden Force The “Equality Act”?

The upcoming Biden administration is going to be important to watch because given Trump’s actions in breaking with past presidential policies, now that he has set a precedent, Biden is likely going to use this to justify doing the same for any number of new laws and ideas. One of them which LifeSiteNews pointed out will be interesting to watch is the “Equality Act”, which will compel public and private institutions to support “transgender” bathrooms and other LGBT related social causes according to the report:

Senate Democrat leader Sen. Chuck Schumer said Tuesday he’s on board with a possible incoming Biden administration’s desire to put gender-confused male students in girls’ locker rooms, restrooms, and athletic programs, highlighting one of the issues at stake should Biden be declared president with a Democrat Senate majority.

“Joe Biden said that on his first day of office he will give transgender access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity in all federally funded schools. Do you think he has the ability to do this, and do you agree with this decision?” a reporter asked Schumer, who is currently Senate minority leader.

“I agree with the decision, and I know he’ll check things out thoroughly legally,” Schumer answered.

Biden, who claims to be Catholic, has endorsed the so-called Equality Act, which would force a wide variety of public and private entities to recognize and accommodate individuals’ claims to be the opposite of their actual sex, and promises to “ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals have full access to all appropriate healthcare treatments and resources,” which “includes covering care related to transitioning — including gender confirmation [sic] surgery.”

During a town hall event in October, he vowed to “eliminate” President Donald Trump’s executive orders pertaining to transgender issues and suggested he would allow children as young as eight years old to be subjected to gender “transition” treatments, regardless of the physical and psychological harm.

As president, Biden would have the power to unilaterally reverse some of Trump’s policies, such as his ban on transgender military service and deference to states on whether ot allow or forbid transgender bathrooms. But, should Biden win the 2020 election, the fate of more comprehensive policy changes on the issue, such as the Equality Act, will ultimately depend on whether next month’s Senate runoff elections yield two new Democrat senators, which would make Schumer the Senate majority leader and enable him to send left-wing agenda items to the president’s desk. (source)

As a trend, if this were to happen, it would not be a surprise. In fact, it would be what the US deserves. I do not say that to give support to it, but to point out reality for what it is.

I have pointed out many times that according to statistics, as it concerns the country as a whole, 62% of people support sodomite “marriage”, with the Silent Generation being the only generation where more than half of its members are opposed to it. If one counts the Millennials and Zoomers alone- as they are the ‘upcoming’ generations into political power -the support is about 75% to 80%. If we extrapolate these same numerical percentages as a model for the remaining 25% of people who do not support “marriage” but do not oppose the concept of sodomitic relations, then one gets that about 93% of Americans support the LGBT+. This is very high, but does not seem to be an unreasonable proposition. After all, it is rare to find a person who opposes such behavior, and such people are in an absolute minority from experience. Thus, this extrapolation, while subject to further study, should not be considered unreasonable, but rather a template formed from an educated guess.

For all of the problems attributed to and caused by them, the Boomers are the only bloc remaining in the way of the Millennial and Zoomer hold on power simply because of their numbers and control of about 57% of financial resources (16% for Generation X, 3% for Millennials, and statistically irrelevant for Zoomers). However, the Boomers will not live forever. They will die, and when they dies, while a simple majority support this, the disappearance of any resistance from them will open a flood of pro-sodomite support that will enable laws and most dangerous, even the possibility of an amendment to the Constitution itself to be passed in support of the sodomites.

This is why one should look at Biden’s potential to pass major legislation in support of the LGBT as something serious, since he has the support of the people to realize it.

For Christians, this is very bad news. The culture war is over, and Christians lost big time. The losses here are so serious that they are going to put Christianity into potentially a state of terminal decline as it pertains to the nation. The most likely bloc of resistance to remain will be found in the most orthodox of the Catholic bloc, with pockets of opposition found among “conservative” Protestants. However, this is the effective creation of a “minority” from what a century ago was a ‘majority’, even if it was only in name, of people who call themselves as Christians in the US. This trend, if realized (and it may because the events driving it show no signs of being stopped), will have major effects on domestic and global religious finanances, for it is not just the Catholic Church, but most of the Orthodox Churches, the Protestant Churches, and other ‘missions’ depend on the American dollar to support themselves. If that disappears, they cannot do their work, and that will affect their mission.

The potential for a “domino effect” over a period of time is set up and could happen. While it remains what will happen, the fact is that religious ‘liberty’ in the US, while a law on paper, is effectively disappearing with the value changes taking place in the demographic blocs ascending to power and reflected in the political leadership and a practical extension of themselves.

Given these changes taking place, it leaves one to wonder if given the social acceptance to the LGBT and the ostracism that many experience who support it, could a trend form where legal changes give way, in a legal version, to the potential prosecution and jailing of Christians on the basis of religion?

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