Whoever Did The Bombing In Nashville, Did Not Want To Kill Anyone

By Theodore Shoebat

Whoever did this bombing Nashville did not want to kill anyone. Hence why there was an audio message being announced from a speaker from the RV telling everyone to evacuate the area because the vehicle was about to explode (and it did).

Moreover, whoever was behind this bombing picked a day — Christmas — when people are not normally on the streets, lessening the chances of death. Former CIA station chief, Dan Hoffman, affirmed“the perpetrator wanted property damage, but not necessarily to cause civilian causalities.” The RV blew up right in front of the AT&T building. Now 911 service is down in various parts of both Tennessee and Kentucky. According to News Channel 3:

AT&T is experiencing service outages across Middle Tennessee and Kentucky on Christmas Day.

Service outages are including TV, phone, and internet customers.

The outage comes after an explosion in downtown Nashville earlier in the day. AT&T tweeted that service for some customers in Nashville and surrounding areas may be affected by damage to their facilities from the explosion this morning. They are in contact with law enforcement and working to restore service.

The outages are affecting local 911 systems across the area.

The report goes on to say that 911 service is down in MurfreesboroLa Vergne, Mt. Juliet, Gallatin, Williamson County, Rutherford County, Springfield, Sumner County, Goodlettsville, Trigg County, Christian County, Calloway County.

Whoever did this wanted property damage. We know the what of the story, but not the how nor the why. We will have to wait for more info to be found out.