Police Hunt Convicted Felon For Stopping Car, Getting Out, And Sucker Punching A Twelve-Year Old For Apparently No Reason

In an act of what appears to be senseless violence, The Smoking Gun reports that police are on the hunt for a convicted felon who stopped his car, got out, and sucker punched a twelve year old dancing for no clear reason.

Police are searching for a convicted felon who sucker punched a 12-year-old boy while the child was dancing on a Missouri street corner, an attack that was captured on a Facebook Live broadcast.

Investigators allege that Cedric Moore, 27, walloped the child as he performed Friday evening in downtown Cape Girardeau. The boy was accompanied by his dance instructor and another minor.

Moore has been named in an arrest warrant accusing him of second-degree felony assault and first-degree child endangerment in connection with the unprovoked July 4 attack on Ethan Hagler.

Moore is pictured in the adjacent mugshot. When apprehended, he will have to post $50,000 bond to gain his release from jail.

As seen in the Facebook video, Moore exited from the passenger side of an SUV and approached Hagler from behind before striking the boy in the head with a roundhouse right. Hagler, bleeding from the head and nose, was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and later released.

Video of the assault allowed police to quickly identify Moore as the assailant. The identity of his getaway driver is unknown.

Moore was convicted last year of domestic assault, and was placed on five years probation in that felony case. So in addition to charges related to the assault of Hagler, Moore is likely to face a probation violation count related to his 2019 case.

As part of his probation conditions, Moore was required to complete an anger management program and a “Batterer’s Program.” (source)

Normally, I would not put up a video like this. However, I am doing so because of the current state of racial affairs that has been encouraged by many individuals in government, activist groups, and business of all types.

There are a lot of people who are very, very tired of hearing about “racism”, especially “white racism” against blacks. It is more than a mere frustration, but is starting to take on a quiet but violent feel among many, similar to what has happened in Germany with the migrant crisis of 2015 and 2016 and the change in attitude toward migrants. The amount of attacks on persons of white European descent, on memorials, cities, and the very existence of the people themselves is the direct cause of this.

American blacks constitute about 12 to 13% of the population and are in continual decline because of a refusal to reproduce. While it applies to many groups, it was for this group originally that many of the social programs into which billions, and possibly trillions of dollars have been spent and society re-organized to try and peaceably integrate while recognizing the many difficulties the particular bloc has had, and has done this for the last sixty years, with few results to show for it in many cases other than the breakdown of the black family, fatherlessness, and cities turned into complete crime-filled wastelands (see parts of Detroit, MI, Camden, NJ, or Baltimore, MD for a few of many examples).

In the meantime, there are not only far more persons of Hispanic descent in the US, but many of these Hispanics are, without exaggeration, the descendants of the fruit pickers, janitors, and brute force laborers who settled in the US, worked hard and together, and made a life for themselves and their families. The Hispanic bloc is not only much larger and more powerful, but also much better integrated and looked upon by most Americans just as the Italians and Greeks eventually were when they settled in. Tacos, burritos, and chalupas are as practically as American as is pizza, spaghetti, gyros, and even hummus, and it is more than food, but understanding between the peoples. It is not a surprise that many whites and hispanics intermarry, not because of anything to do with “race mixing”, but because the two are so integrated into the culture that, like with Slavic Russians and Central Asians, there are differences but are so close and so integrated they naturally bond in a healthy way.

But the Afro-American bloc? Largely, the descendants of the slaves are in a much worse position, and a lot of people looking from the outside-in are getting the sense that the bloc is a ‘waste of time’, money, and is just a plague on society into which money and resources are thrown and nothing returns but demands ever more and now, after decades of asking to end segregation, calls from groups such as Black Lives Matter, with far too much support from too many Afro-Americans, demanding for segregation conditions.

It should be noted that there are enough Afro-Americans who are also sick of the behavior of many fellow Afro-Americans who encourage racialism, and many who are very good people that try to live good lives and are well-integrated into the society. This video is proof of that, as it was two black men who came to help the white teen who was punched. Indeed, this behavior is the side that black America needs to march for and declare loudly in the streets- that on behalf of all people, and especially other blacks of good will, that the true criminal element of their community must not be given social passes for bad behavior, or treated differently because of racial reasons, but given the same justice, for justice as with mercy, it does not see color or race, but rather grace or the lack thereof.

What concerns me so much about this video is that if this was the other way- a white criminal punching a black teen- there would be riots and marching in the streets and screams of “RACISM”, but when a black criminal punches a white teen, what is to be said of the comparable silence of the black community is silent that does nothing save, as far as we can tell from the video, for two men of good will?

There doesn’t need to be rioting or marching on either side. Rather, the response should be the same- the criminal is prosecuted, punished, the teen gets the help he needs, and life goes on, without any mention of race at all, because people of all colors commit crime, and crime is crime and does not merit a separate punishment because of race.

Yet where is the response? It is similar to what happened recently with Secoria Turner, an eight-year-old black girl in Atlanta whose crime was simply being with her mother almost in the same place where the criminal Rayshard Brooks was shot, and she was gunned down. But there are no angry marches for Secoria, no serious calls for reform, nothing that will likely better the lives of all people- black and white -but just a dead kid while people still scream “RACISM” to defend a drunk driver who attacked a police officer, stole his weapon, and then tried to use it against him, and mostly with race as the justification.

The Afro-American bloc is in grave danger right now because many people- both of white European and Hispanic descent -are looking at many of them with a lot of anger, and aside from the few Afro-Americans who clearly denounce and distance themselves from the current racial drama being incited or supported by far too many in the Afro-American community, people are getting violent thoughts and these events are having the effect of confirming racialist biases, ideas, or impulses for them. It is absolutely critical, especially in the US, that American blacks and their “community leaders” as well as major persons of influence aggressively distance and denounce these things and refuse to associate with any who provoke social instability and racial tension, since if these patterns continue, they may find their own survival at risk.

It is imperative for all people to denounce the racialism, denounce the violence, and work for mutual peace and understanding lest horrible consequences potentially follow.

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