Gunmen Attack Church, Ambush Four People And Burn Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat

Gunmen in South Africa attacked a church, burning five people alive and murdering a security guard, as we read in a report from Christian Today:

A hostage situation at a church in South Africa left five people dead.

At least 40 people were arrested after the attack on the church in the town of Zuurbekom on the outskirts of Johannesburg on Saturday morning.

The attack took place at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and was reportedly connected to a leadership dispute triggered by the death of its former leader in 2016.

The attackers formed part of an offshoot of the megachurch congregation and had threatened to take over the building by force, eye witnesses said.

Men, women and children who had been taken hostage were rescued by police.

Four of the victims were shot and then burnt to death in cars.  A fifth victim was a security guard at the church.