US Conservatism Continues To Die Out

While there are many people who promote dangerous and racialist ideologies who say that “demographics is destiny”, when the racial animosity is removed from it, it is absolutely true because all societies are made of people, and societies change with the kinds of people who are in them. this is a fact that applies regardless of race, historical era, or cultural millieu, because it is based on principles that like viruses or the laws of physics, do not care who does them, but function as they do, and it is for man to accept them instead of try to fight them in a perpetually losing battle against them.

American demographics are going through a major shift right now in many ways. One of these shifts that is taking place due to the general liberalization of all people as it regards political views for those under the age of forty, the increasing numbers of Hispanics by way of migration and birth on US soil, and the concentration of younger people into cities and city-metro areas, the sharp decline among religion among all peoples of all races, and the inability of many to find work that enables others to live on has driven the increase of liberal philosophies and support for the Democrat party across all blocs under forty.

A simple look at American demographics is clear in that the future is going to be quite liberally-inclined, and that conservatism, a philosophy associated with the wealthier Boomer bloc, is actively dying out. A recent poll reported on by Gallup alludes to this, as 2020 has seen a continual drop in the support of conservatism.

Americans’ ideological bent has shifted in the first half of 2020 with fewer people self-identifying as politically conservative in May and June than at the start of the year. There has been a corresponding increase in self-described liberals while the percentage moderate has been fairly steady.

In January and February, an average of 40% of Americans identified as politically conservative. This was up from an average of 37% in 2019 and was tied for the highest rate of conservatism Gallup had recorded in the past six years. This coincided with President Donald Trump being acquitted of impeachment charges. It also came amidst strongly positive economic signals in the form of near-record-low unemployment and the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching record highs.

Nevertheless, the percentage of Americans identifying as conservative reverted to an average 37% in March and April as the coronavirus pandemic emerged. It fell further to 34% in May and June as the pandemic has worn on, Trump’s job approval rating has tumbled, and the racial justice movement emerged as a national focus following the death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile, the percentages identifying as liberal increased from an average of 22% in January/February to 26% in May/June.

Gallup measures Americans’ ideology by asking respondents to describe their overall political views as either very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal or very liberal.

The recent shifts in how Americans conceive of their political views mirror the decline in Republican Party identification — and the corresponding increase in Democratic Party identification — in the first half of 2020.

Conservatism Dips Most Among Middle-Aged, Upper-Income Adults
The decline in self-identified conservatism in 2020 has been seen about evenly among men and women, and among all political party groups.

However, it was more pronounced among adults in upper-income households as well as among middle-aged adults (aged 35 to 54) than their counterparts.

The conservative falloff has also been stronger among White and Hispanic Americans than Black Americans. Relatively few Black Americans (25%) identified as conservative in January/February, and thus there may have been less opportunity for the rate to decline. (source)

This is more than just people being upset with Trump. There is an active demographic shift under way right now, driven largely by the refusal of people to have children for decades and refusing to teach them except on occasion, ceding decision making to others instead of being actively involved in their children’s lives.

At this point, things are well-set for the future, and any change that does happen will begin with Gen Alpha and maybe the youngest members of the Zoomers.

I have said before, and I will say it again, this is not about race or racism. People come and go and chance, and have been doing this since the beginning of the world. The reasons for why these things happen are very well documented, and they are as simple as a function of one’s actions- if one does A, then he can expect Z to happen -and nothing more than this.

If people who are “conservative” are angry about this, perhaps they need to reexamine their decisions and see how they arrived at the current state of affairs, instead of complaining about them, for nobody refused them to have children, and nobody told them what to teach or not teach to those children they had.

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