Live Election Coverage

Biden is talking about winning the election, but the trends are not to his favor. Look for possible legal issues.

AP OFFICIALLY calls Florida for Trump

Biden is leading Trump in the popular vote by about 1.3 million. This will likely increase and surpass the 3 million popular vote difference from election 2016.

Trump leads are increasing notably in MI, OH, PA, and WI. If this continues, Trump wins 2020.

Iowa has flipped at 76% with Trump in a 1.9% lead over Biden.

Arizona is 73% in with Biden leading Trump by about eight points.

Montana had a Biden lead but significantly closed it for Trump. Virginia still to watch. Focus on MI, OH, PA, and WI.

If Trump wins Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, he only needs five votes to beat Biden, and this can be done

Biden cut Trump’s lead significantly in VA, but Trump has overtake Biden with .8% lead in NC.

TRUMP COMEBACK- Trump is tied with Biden in North Carolina.

Trump is trailing Biden by .2% in North Carolina, and his VA lead is still over ten points.

Biden North Carolina lead shortened to 1.2% difference with Trump. VA is the state to watch too because they may flip.

North Carolina 79% in reporting Biden 50.8% Trump 48.1%, Ohio 60% in reporting Biden 51.4% Trump 47.4%. Watch these ones.

ND, NE, SD, and WY called for Trump and inclining to Trump in DC, FL, GA, ME, and MI. NY, IL, and NM for Biden with inclining to Biden in CO, KS, MO, NC, NH, OH, PA, and TX. Biden 119 and Trump 92.

Based on current patterns, NC may go for Biden and FL for Trump. If this happens, it will be very interesting as Trump may have to win MN and OR or another state.

Indiana called for Trump. Biden 85, Trump 72

Florida is VERY close. AP reports 88% in with under 2% Trump lead.

States being called for Trump are now AL, AR, MS, OK, SC, TN, and WV. FL, GA, IN, ME, MI, and MO incline Trump. Biden claims CT, MA, RI, NJ and VA and inclines KS, NC, OH, PA, and TX.


FL and GA now have Biden leads, but they are close. Trump leads in the other states. VT is called for Biden


The AP is calling Kentucky for Trump. FL, IN, NH, SC, and VA currently have Trump leads. Biden is leading in GA and VT.

According to CNN, a large number of people are expressing significant division over major issues. (source) However, according to the New York Post, this division seems to split along issues such as guns and abortion (source)

For this year, I am going to provide live election coverage as updates come in. This will be a rolling post for tonight as developments continue, and I hope to update about every forty-five minutes as the results come in.

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