The 2020 Election, Or How The Loser Is The Winner

Since this election recount fiasco began, I have promised that I would deliver a fuller analysis once the vote count was for the most part settled. The AP announcement of Biden winning the election and the report by the mainstream press now affords the best time to do this.

Biden won the election- but the Republicans also won, because as I kept saying over and over and without any bias on party lines:


I cannot emphasize this statement enough, or say it louder and clearer, because it is the reality.

Leading up to Trump’s 2016 election, I said that if Trump was elected- and he was -that given the circumstances in which he came into politics and the presidency, he was given the chance of history to do something very great, and if he only did a fraction of what he said he would do, it would be tremendous. With the exception of the Supreme Court, Trump overall has been a failure as he flat-out refused to deliver on his major promises.

However, to that, I will add that this election the Democrats were afforded the same chance of history but in a different way- that by losing, they would be able to write themselves into history long-term. The logic behind this is simple-  given his patterns, a Trump victory would not just likely mean four years of a lame-duck president, but four years for the Democrats to solidify their base, purge their party of the Silent Generation and Boomer leadership, and remake their image in the face of the youngest Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Zoomers, and in doing so, to emerge as a serious political force that could easily last for over a decade. Not just that, but as I have noted, the Democrats had the opportunity to continue to force the Republican party into an image that could have put them on the way to political irrelevancy and eventually, the way of the Whig Party from the 19th century.

Out of what appears to have been a seeming desire to win at all costs comes with a price, and that is, that the Democrat party threw away a golden opportunity to remake herself for the long term and instead pass it to the Republicans, who can do the exact same thing the Democrats could have done, which likely would involve:

-Shedding the Trump cult of personality
-Flushing out, adding, or transitioning leadership to the upcoming generations
-Capitalizing on the growth of the Hispanic and Black blocs into the Republican party

The last one is critical. As noted, there has been a clear shift among the Hispanic and Black blocs toward the conservative positions, especially among the lower working classes, just as how the white working classes have been in the Republican party. This is a serious long-term threat to the Democrat party, since the Democrats historically are favored 70/30 and 95/5 by the Hispanic and Black blocs in that respective order. The fact that exit polls suggest Hispanic support may be about 60/40 and Black 87/13 just for the last election is a huge change. Indeed, the Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik types are having a clear effect on these historically reliable Democrat blocs.

It cannot be said enough that the Democrats, out of what seems to be blinding hatred over one particular politician, chose short-term gains over the long-term not just preservation of power, but destruction of their political enemy.

But it gets worse for the Democrats.

One of the points that I have constantly discussed on is the situation of the economy. I have said repeatedly that the financial and economic problems in the nation have never been dealt with, and the Federal Reserve Bank policy of printing money eventually will lead to a currency crisis. As I explained in a previous article, the US has consistently chosen policies that will bring about this result. These policies have been consistently supported by both political parties, and thus it is grossly inaccurate to say that one party can take more or less blame, as the matter pertains to the continuity of government.

At some point, the US is going to be forced to reckon with her debts, and in the words of Alan Greenspan, who was the former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman, ‘the US can pay any debt because she can print the money.’

Greenspan is correct- the US will never default. Rather, she will hyperinflate her currency instead, which will destroy wealth and cause massive anger.

This is where things become fun, because the process has already began with the TARP bailouts of 2007, and greatly increased with the COVID-19 stimulus checks that were issued under Trump, for which now people are clamoring for another stimulus check.

As I have said before, the fundamental job losses and economic problems taking place are not going away as they are tied to the debt issues,  and because of this it will only force the need for more checks to offset the negative ongoing (and fundamentally unresolvable barring a complete disowning of the Federal debt) effects. What Trump started is like a snowball effect, and under Biden, he will likely have to issue another check, and then most likely more checks, and in doing this the problems that it would general eventually the currency would be destroyed on its own along with the economy due to devaluation. Since Biden is in office, he would find himself in the same position that Herbert Hoover did- while Hoover did not create the Great Depression, he was blamed for it and with that, the whole Republican party that propelled the Democrats to two decades of victory.

It is true that Trump signed the first COVID checks, but this does not matter any more. If Trump was still in office, he likely would have issued another one, which would have possibly caused the same scenario, but he gets to avoid this, which now falls on Biden.

But it gets worse for the Democrats.

I noted the changing demographics of the political landscape, and the most significant of this being the shift of the Hispanic and Black blocs, especially working classes, into the Republican party alongside the Whites. This not only provides new and potentially long-term membership to the party (especially in the case of the Hispanics, since they are the only bloc that has a stable or minimal decline in population numbers of all the blocs), but helps the Republicans shed the “elitist” image they have been cast under and instead continue to build on the populism that emerged in 2014. Likewise, considering how it was Democrat-inclined activists who have been leading this past year nationwide violent protests and rioting to cries of ‘racism’ in favor of drug-addled porn actor felons who abduct and pistol-whip pregnant women (George Floyd) or drunkards who attack police officers, steal their weapons, and they try to attack them with their own weapons (Rayshard Brooks) while eight-year-olds who are shot by gang-bangers are completely ignored (Secoriea Turner), it forces many people of good will and political inclinations in those blocs to ask themselves- why do they want to associate with a party that promotes the worst behavior of their own blocs? Fuel is only added to the fire as it has come out- rather obviously -that it was many times white and Jewish activists in “Black Lives Matter” and other groups who were responsible for too many of the violent crimes instigated or committed.

The Democrat argument of Republican racism is now at a much more pronounced risk of losing the potency it once had. Instead of race, the lines could split along those of class- with the Republicans shedding their image of being the party of the “elite” and becoming the party of the populist, working class, nationalist types, while the Democrats being branded as a multi-ethnic coalition of self-important ‘elitists’ disconnected from the common man. This is painfully obvious with Biden’s history behind the infamous Crime Bill and Harris’ career or locking up mostly poor black and hispanic men during her legal career.

The present anger felt among many people on the right- that the political left stole the 2020 election -justifies the idea for many that political violence is OK. After all, if the left can cheat, burn, loot, and essentially receive plaudits from the media and major businesses for it, why not the right? We are already beginning to see this with cases of armed Republican party members marching to polling places carrying guns, and reports of mass Republican protests in various states over the election results. If one adds race it, we have the chance of not interracial violence, but intra-racial violence, where one might see the growing Black conservatives against Black liberals, or the growing Hispanic conservatives against Hispanic liberals, and with that standing alongside white conservatives against white liberals.

Plus, there is the Trump factor- people are sick of him because he is a bad image.

I say this not to attack Trump or to give him praise, but as a genuine observation. Ask yourself, why did so many in the Republican party refuse to continue to back Trump amid this vote recount? Why did Rupert Murdoch supposedly turn against Trump, and FOX News declare Arizona to go for Biden before even CNN said anything? Why has in spite of screaming from Trump’s family, there been so much general silence from the party? Is it because the Republican party just are ‘traitors’ to ‘our president’, or perhaps that there is something bigger at play?

Trump has been successful at cultivating a cult of personality, but politics and political parties are bigger than individual people. As I have noted, Trump overall has done very little except for make people angry and give the Republican party a bad taste in the mouth of the public. Given the move towards nationalism and populism happening in the US and around the world on the political right, and the growing distrust for all mainstream media- including traditional conservative media such as Fox News -it should not be considered impossible that Trump is being betrayed, but rather, because he isn’t benefitting the party, he is being replaced in favor of maintaining the long-term view, exploiting essentially what is a Democrat obsession with the man for the long-term benefit of the party and to the long-term likely detriment of the Democrats.

For a while, I talked about the likelihood of a 2024 Democrat landslide victory. This WOULD have been true assuming a Trump victory, which as the voting patterns demonstrate, under natural conditions would have happened, and given the current state of the nation economically speaking as above (for the fundamental structural issues remain constant no matter who is in office), with that a natural Democrat revival was inevitable. However, what I find most amazing, is that the Democrats have effectively thrown away (assuming no Supreme Court intervention in favor of Trump) a historically unprecedented chance to benefit themselves in favor of temporarily beating one individual by means of not just questionable practices, but an old man with clear signs of dementia and Parkinson’s disease, not to mention his many questionable statements and action that are completely laughable or just disturbing, let alone his running mate, who is practically a walking meme.

The Democrats won a battle- the election of 2020 -but there is a far greater chance they lost a larger war, instead giving power not just to Republicans, but to men such as Steve Bannon to build up a new empire that will be used to continue the effects of the new populism to deadly ends on a global scale.

The Democrats had a chance to take the goose that lays the golden eggs. However, it seems they focused instead on taking the eggs away from one man (Trump) and giving them to “their guy” (Biden), while the party as a whole and those in the party with much more sinister long-term intentions (such as Bannon) took the actual goose, a much wiser and long-term strategic overall move.

This was not a Republican loss. It was a tactical retreat, and while many Democrats celebrate, they may want to be very careful, for while they do have the possibility to avoid it if they are very careful, there are strong indications they are going to eventually find themselves ambushed by circumstances they cannot control or manage.

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