So Much For “The Wall”- Border Crossings Explode, Higher Last Month Than ALL Monthly Crossings Under Obama has been explicitly clear that the US-Mexican border is used by both political parties without regard to the humanity of either those who want to immigrate to the US from Central America or those who live in the US states on the border. Both view all as political pawns and treat them as such, because ultimately border policies are used to provide economic support from slave-wage labor to support American imperial ambitions by domestic policy as well as to create excuses to concentrate more power into the Executive Branch of government.

That said, back in 2016, many people supported Trump’s “Build The Wall” slogan because they believed, for good or for bad, that Trump was going to do something based on his rhetoric to fix the border issue. It does not really matter what, but that he would do something, in theory, to cause a fundamental change to the situation on the border.

But then what happened- and likely a reason that directly contributed to Trump’s likely loss this past election cycle -was that he did nothing. Not only did he do nothing, but he actively ignored all promises, blaming them on “the Democrats” and avoiding the issue as much as possible.

Trump lied. That hurts for some people to hear, but he looked people in the face, said “trust me with this sensitive issue”, and then lied about it. There is no other way to describe it.

In fact, the lie was so big that not only have border crossings increased, but according to The Washington Post by way of MSN News, border crossings are at the highest they have been since 2005- higher than ANY TIME under Obama.

U.S. authorities made more than 69,000 arrests and detentions last month along the border with Mexico, a 21 percent increase from September and the highest total for any October since 2005, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures released Thursday.

The increase was partly fueled by a soaring number of repeat arrests along the border resulting from the Trump administration’s practice of quickly “expelling” people to Mexico after they enter the country illegally.

CBP officials insist the expulsions are a crucial public health measure to prevent the additional transmission of the coronavirus inside the United States, but many of those sent back across the border are trying to enter again and again, without risk of detention and criminal prosecution. The most recent figures indicate that at least one-third of those taken into custody each month are repeat offenders.

Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of CBP, once more used his monthly enforcement briefing to depict border crossers as selfish and unconcerned for the welfare of U.S. agents and the American public.

“They’re telling us their wants and needs are more important than our lives,” Morgan told reporters. “Their economic conditions more important than the lives of American citizens.” (source)

That last line would be hilarious in the ironic sense if its perversity was not so terrible.

It is true that many people come to the US for money and do so by illegally crossing the border- and that is what the US wants because illegal labor often commands low to below-market-wage pay, which is what enables Americans “legally” to buy the nice food they have. Want to pay $15 for a carton of strawberries instead of $3 or $4? You can probably thank a “Pablo” or “Enrique” here who crossed illegally, since not only was their crossing encouraged, but the tiny wage by American standards they receive lets you reap the benefits, while at the same time they, working twelve-hour-days, is able to send what is a little money for Americans back to his homeland in Central America that is a lot of money for him and let’s him send his children to better schools, his wife to buy better food, and his family be able to sleep at night without wondering where their next meal will come from.

But that is not all. has discussed many times the horrendous drug cartel violence in these nations, not to mention the human sacrifice, cannibalism, and organ harvesting they do on poor and innocent people. Ask yourself, do you worry about being kidnapped or one of your family members being kidnapped and dissected alive by a gang? Well, there are a lot of these people who worry about that. Likewise, if you had the same worries, but you knew that you could walk about the distance from New York city to Denver, Colorado or less and NEVER see these people again and have a chance at a brand new life in a safe place, would you take it? That is the question these people have been faced with, and they chose to make the journey.

I am not saying that laws must be disregarded, or that there should be “no borders”, but as before noted, that there needs to be a serious clarification of border policies, the migration process, and the refugee process for the mercy and justice of both migrant and citizen. Chaos may be a tool of political manipulation, but it long-term benefits no one and causes more problems, as well as shows a callous disregard for human life and the good of all. Unfortunately, even with Biden in office, I do not see this trend changing, nor did I expect it to change, because talk is cheap but actions that count, and if Biden will sponsor laws such as the notorious 1994 Crime Bill that was the cause of so many people being imprisoned for small matters and the explosion of the private prison sector which some refer to as the “prison-industrial complex”, one should not believe that he would care about the good will of people who cannot contribute to his campaign or personal bank account save to use them as disposable political pawns.

Unfortunately, it is likely few that will see this trend, and instead focus on the same rhetoric as before, further continuing the divide between left and right and potentially, given trends in the Hispanic bloc that suggest a shift toward the political right long term, creating a division between “American Hispanics” supporting anti-immigration policies against “migrant” Hispanics trying to escape from the same problems that their fellow former countrymen and their descendants escaped from not more than a half-century ago and split on party lines.

As far as Trump, this current statics show who he really is and what he thinks, and his opinions are about as real as his hair color.

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