Will There Be A Second Presidential Debate, Or Is There A Need For One?

What was the debate last night? Could it even be called a debate, or perhaps a three-ring circus? American debate is historically known for taking often a rancorous tone, an many times could scarcely be classified as a debate because of the lack of organization so widely accepted in it, for while argument is common to all debates, it should be orderly enough for people to listen and pay attention, and to stick to main issues.

All politicians try to divert from main topics to serve their most favorable interests, but last night’s debate was special. As one person but put, it resembled more of two elderly men fighting violently over the last Jell-O cup in a nursing home while a third elderly man looked on and screamed at both to shut up. As Wolf Blitzer well put it and was reported on by Wolf Blitzer,

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said on Tuesday the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will “raise a lot of questions” about having future debates.

“Clearly, this was the most chaotic presidential debate I have ever seen,” Blitzer said after the debate. “I suspect most of you if not all have ever seen. Most chaotic presidential debate. It will certainly raise a lot of questions about the future of the presidential debate between these two candidates.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last presidential debate between the president of the United States and the former vice president of the United States,” Blitzer said. “We shall see. Fairly soon. Joe Biden clearly showed up today. He went head to head with the president of the United States, who was often put on the defensive interrupting the vice president repeatedly.” (source)

As much as I do not agree with or support many of his views, he is correct in his analysis so far. What is the purpose of more debates? To watch two old men yell at each other?

Personally, it would be more entertaining to watch the candidates hit each other with giant foam noodles while yelling insults, or poke each other with those huge foam hands that one can see at football games.

But as expected, and I as I have noted previously, this debate was nothing of note and did exactly what I suspected.

One can only imagine what he may or may not say at the debate. At this point, all it would really take for Trump to win is just to gently troll Biden to get him to say or so something insane and Trump can simply avoid all political talk or even planning, but just focus on antagonizing Biden, because in the political reality show, that will get more attention than trying to explain his massive failures, plus will also have a better chance of securing him votes.

This is most likely why Trump has said he is not preparing, because even if he is going to do this, there is a likely chance the debate will NOT be about issues, but an entertainment festival exploiting Biden’s decline for his benefit. (source)

At this point, it is likely that Trump will probably win the election, confirmed by the behaviors of the candidates. Trump may be annoying, but Biden was unable to mask his cognitive decline, and while neither candidate really gave clear answers to issues, Trump was able to troll his way to victory- a victory not by intelligence, order, or better skill, but because Biden is a clearly worse alternative. The polls may say otherwise, but this debate has done more to benefit Trump than it did to present Biden as a viable alternative.

Of course, all things are subject to the events of Election Day, but the clearest thing we can come away with is that Trump won the debate, Biden soundly lost (the inflexion point at which the debate completely collapsed was the “You’re the racist” comment by Biden), and while I cannot confirm it directly, Biden appeared (based on personal experience with persons needing medication) to show effects of being on medication and having his medication wear off as the “debate”, if it can be called that, progressed.

If there is a second debate, bring soda and pop corn, because who knows? Maybe the country and the world will have the pleasure of watching Biden try to ‘teach Trump a lesson’ just like what he did with Corn Pop…


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