Archive | September 22, 2020


Unbalanced Minds Turn Squirrel Shoots Into Federal Cases

While there is very little worthwhile that can come from the purported ‘wisdom’ of movie stars and popular culture figures, they can teach lessons at times by their behavior toward others about social trends and who we (a nation) or others are as a people. Such an example recently came up when the well-known actress […]

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Vatican Asserts Catholic Dogma, Says That Those Who Choose Euthanasia Cannot Receive The Sacraments

The Catholic Church has been accused of many things across history, some of them true and many of them absolutely not true, and one of such things that falls into the latter class is a lack of compassion for those in difficult positions. This is not to say that people cannot lack compassion, but that […]

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Poll: Ninety Percent Of Americans Declare That They Need Another Financial Bailout Due To COVID-19 Effects

The financial effects from the fallout of COVID-19 are very serious in the US. While the US may be the “richest” nation in the world, proportionately speaking vis-a-vis other nations, the US is also highly indebted, since for decades her economy has been based on debt and consumption. This is one of the reasons why […]

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