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Is It Possible That A Biden Victory Might Actually Help The Republicans Long-Term?

While Trump still shows strong possible signs of victory this fall, there is a lot of talk that Biden may win, with FOX News discussing more economic signs pointing to a possible future Biden victory. The recent direction of the U.S. dollar points to former Vice President Joe Biden defeating President Trump in the upcoming […]

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Major Turkish Journalist Warns: ‘Don’t Be Surprised To See Hostilities Spark Between Turkey And Russia In Syria By October.’ This Is Being Said As Turkey Is Running 150 Training Camps For Rebels In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat Could Russia and Turkey end up fighting over Syria? There have been recent events that indicate obvious growing tensions between the two countries. There were protestors who attacked Turkish troops recently, and these protestors were backed by the Syrian government which is allied to Russia but is an enemy to Turkey and […]

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The Electronic Overlords Cometh

One of the trends that I have warned about for years is the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics. While it offers many promising and good things, a machine is not a whole substitute for a human being, as with all of man’s flaws, the nature of man as person endowed with a soul and […]

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