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Is Covid-19 Being Used To Do An October Surprise In Favor Of Trump?

By Theodore Shoebat Anyone who has studied deeply the world of American politics, will have heard of the phrase “October Surprise,” or a major event that occurs in October that helps a particular candidate. Well, there has been much talk about the possibility of a vaccine for Covid-19 popping up by October, right before the […]

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Economic Indicators Tell The Obvious, The Services Industry Is Not Recovering

The service industry is in terrible condition. As I have pointed out before, the reasons for this are based on economic realities, and as the conditions of the economy continue to deteriorate, so will the service sector upon which the economy has been constructed, like a house of cards, since the late 1960s following the […]

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Evil Drug Cartel Terrorist Cuts A Man’s Chest Open As He Gurgles In Pain, Rips His Beating Heart Out, And Eats It Raw While Laughing At His Victim

Ted, Walid, and I have been warning for years about the CJNG and how as a part of becoming a member, cannibalism is a requirement now. This is not an exaggeration or a joke, and some videos of this practice have come out. However, in a shocking new video published on El Blog Del Narco, […]

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Ammonia Emerges As A New Possible Fuel

In the world of technology, when a person says that something is at its “end”, usually means that another major door to scientific progress is about to open. It is just that so few wee the door opening. Popular Mechanics recently discussed a new discovery in fuel science, which has found that ammonia- a chemical […]

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US Debt Will Officially Exceed The Size Of The Economy

It has been known for years that the US debts well exceed the size of the US economy. This is a dirty ‘secret’ that has been discussed many times by men such as the economic John Williams on his website ShadowStats. However, by the official number crunching process, where books are conveniently ‘cooked’ and modified, […]

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