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The Technological Elite, The Rise Of Eugenics, And How Wall Street Funded The Third Reich

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. (Matthew 19:24) Christ was not against wealth, but really was speaking of the elite of society. And for good reason. Anytime an evil ideology takes hold of society, you […]

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We Told You So- Russia Openly Discusses Plans To Annex Belarus

One of the points which I have noted is that as European nations are showing a desire to ‘re-assert’ themselves in Europe and around the world, the Russian are likewise trying to do the same by, based on a combination of statements made from President Putin as well as his actions, he believes that the […]

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Houses Get Bigger But Apartments Get Smaller

Something that tells a lot about a society is the use of space in new construction, as while renting is good, new construction is built always with contemporary values in mind, and so it can give an insight into the minds of the people at that time. According to a story from Zero Hedge, among […]

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Half Of US Christians Approve Of Fornication

Just because something is common does not make it good. For example, overeating is a common practice, but it is not good. The same can be said about fornication, for while a lot of people do or are doing it, such does not justify the practice. However, the Christian Post reports that many Christians- at […]

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