Archive | September 5, 2020


House Moves To Vote On First-Ever Marijuana Legalization Bill

Marijuana is a popular drug with many, but still illegal on the federal level in spite of major changes at the state levels. However, USA Today reports that big changes may be coming as the House moves to vote on the first ever marijuana legalization bill at a federal level. The Democratic-controlled House will vote […]

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Poll: 52% Of People Under 29 Live With Parents

I remember the effects of the 2007/2008 recession and the decline that forced almost 40% of people under 29 to live at home. Now according to Business Insider, another poll says that 52% of people under the age of 30 are living at home, in what is a new record. Pete Davidson isn’t the only […]

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Sultan Aspirant Erdogan Threatens Greece Over Greek Island Claims

Asleep for almost a century, the notorious roar of the Ottoman lion from the past is being heard again as Turkey grows in military might and with it a desire to impress herself on the world. In a recent story from AP News, Turkish President Erdogan has made direct threats to Greece over her claims […]

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Nova Scotia Woman Loses Appeal To Stop Her Husband From Committing Suicide

Euthanasia, which is just another form of eugenics, is going to be a dangerous trend for the future in the West, as those who are old will be considered ‘disposable’ and simply put to death, as though it was a comparatively more ‘humane’ option than living out to one’s natural lifespan. In Nova Scotia, a […]

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Trump Takes Democrat Position, Suggests That People Should Vote Twice

Trump for many years was a Democrat, until he went with the Republican party for the presidential elections. It is also known that the Democrats have a long history of “voting twice” and “making the dead vote”, by rigging elections with multiple votes or votes from nonexistent or deceased persons. According to a recent statement […]

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