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“Prophet” Of Florida Church Goes To His Wife’s Workplace, Takes A Gun, And Shoots Her In The Head Multiple Times

In a story reported on by the Christian Post, a “prophet” of a Florida church is facing prison after she shot his wife in the heat twice at work. A Florida church is “devastated” after their pastor, who’s also a self-styled prophet with thousands of followers, was charged with fatally shooting his wife outside her […]

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Election Year Generally Overlooks Mainline Protestant Churches

If one looks at the US, one can say that many of the founders were of Anglo stock and were either a variant of English Protestant Christian persuasions, sometimes known under the title of “mainline Protestant”, or a sort of agnosticism under an equally diverse list of names. But whatever one was, the fact is […]

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Anarcho-Queer And Loving Demons- The New Face Of The GOP

If the Democrats are the “real deal”, then then Republicans are the same thing, just a watered-down version of them. This is an observation that many political observers have made throughout the years, and while it is certainly not an “official” position, it is based on clearly documented and consistent themes. The Democrat Party in […]

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San Francisco May Allow Sixteen-Year-Olds To Vote

Voting is one of those activities that draw the attention of the public because whether one believes in it as an efficacious tool of expressing political will or not, the vote is one way that binds all citizens to voluntary participation in the life of their nation. Voting is traditionally a practice reserved for adults, […]

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