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Major Russian Skinhead Known For Making Anti-Government Statements “Kills Himself” In Prison

One of the trends that I have noted consistently is that in addition to the rise of socialism in all forms throughout the world and the return of Russia to the ways of the early twentieth century, there is also the return of old patterns of behavior. Something that I noted, based on the experiences […]

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Syrian Jihadists Are Terrified Of Fighting With The Armenians. One Jihadist Says: “The fighting isn’t like anything I have seen. It’s like a movie.”

Some of the Syrian jihadists who have been sent by Turkey to fight the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh (within Azerbaijan), are reportedly terrified of the fighting against the Armenians, with one Syrian fighter saying: “The fighting isn’t like anything I have seen. It’s like a movie.” As we read in a recent report written by Lindsey […]

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Deep Fakes And The Future Of Epistemology

Can you believe your eyes? Some say yes, and some say no, for if a picture is worth a thousand words, when happens when real pictures no longer can be distinguished from fake ones? Such is a question being asked by one author, in a way, discussing the rise of deep fakes and the effects […]

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Will There Be A Second Presidential Debate, Or Is There A Need For One?

What was the debate last night? Could it even be called a debate, or perhaps a three-ring circus? American debate is historically known for taking often a rancorous tone, an many times could scarcely be classified as a debate because of the lack of organization so widely accepted in it, for while argument is common […]

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