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Jailed Mexican Drug Trafficker And Butcher El Chapo Complains That Life In Prison Is “Torture” Because He Has To Sit In A Cell All Day And He Feels Depressed, Says The Treatment Is “Unfair” And Is Demanding A Retrial

Joaquin Guzman, known as El Chapo, was an infamous drug traffickers whose reign of horror has come to an end in an American prison cell. El Chapo became famous for having people tortured to death in horrible ways, and he even paid a doctor on staff to keep his victims alive so they could be […]

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China And India Prepare To Engage In Round II Of Border Conflicts

The third and fourth military superpowers in the world are exchanging threats again over border disputes as the AP reports that China and India appear to be preparing to clash over a geopolitical crossing in the disputed Ladakh region, which is a village called Chulshul. India and China accused each other on Tuesday of making […]

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50% Of Greeks Say That The Military Should Be Used Against Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat 50% of Greeks say that the military should be used against Turkey. Beside the fact that such an action would result in an utter bloodbath and slaughterhouse, this pole indicates a rising dangerous nationalism. As we read in a report from the Greek City Times: A poll has found that nearly 50% […]

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Mom Asks For Crisis Intervention With Her Thirteen-Year-Old Autistic Son, Police Come And Shoot Him Multiple Times

There has been much criticism about the police overuse of force. I speak not of cases where it is clear that force is justified, but in cases where discretion is necessary, and clearly obvious, deadly force is used without balance to the situation. Such an example seems to have taken place in Utah, where a […]

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Trump Says The Troops Love Him Even If Military Leadership Does Not

Trump is known for making a lot of divisive statements. According to a recent one reported on by Yahoo! News, Trump has said that the troops love him even if military leadership does not. President Trump said Monday that he has the support of U.S. troops, if not necessarily their bosses in the Pentagon. “I’m […]

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