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Trump Shows Signs Of Concerning Behavior In Interviews With Major American Journalist

According to the American Psychological Association in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is the official manual used for diagnosing mental health issues, a person has narcissistic personality disorder if he has five of the nine or more traits: -A grandiose sense of self-importance -A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or […]

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It’s Not Just The Americans Encouraging Nationalism And Separatism

It is a known fact that the Americans have been encouraging nationalism, separatism, and even National Socialism for political gain around the world. This is no secret, and in spite of mountains of political propaganda and legal-sounding jargon heaped up with rhetoric and topped with legalese, the historical facts are clear and have been since […]

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The President Of Lebanon Just Warned: ‘Lebanon Is Going To Hell If We Don’t Form Another Government.’

By Theodore Shoebat The president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, has warned that Lebanon will be going “to hell” if another government is not formed in time. As we read in Al-Jazeera: Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Monday that his country was going “to hell” if a government is not formed as French efforts to […]

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Algorithms Are Being Used To Determine Who Goes Free And Who Stays In Jail

One of the major trends that I have warned about is the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence into daily life. There is much good and bad to be had for this, and the changes will be comparable to the Industrial Revolution as well as the Internet in what it will do to society, and […]

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