Archive | September 17, 2020


Arizona Is Turning Blue

Arizona for years has been viewed by Republicans as a historical bastion, but that is changing due to migration, not so much from her southern border, but from her western border with California, as people rush from the burning ship they set afire to a new vessel they are currently putting tinder to as The […]

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Bank Of England May Impose Negative Interest Rates For The First Time In Four Centuries

In the year 1694, America was a collection of British colonies located mostly on the Atlantic coast. The middle regions were largely a French claim but mostly wild and filled with native tribes, and Florida to the southern coast as far west as Texas and beyond was controlled by the Spanish, but still also very […]

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Joe Biden Talks Necrophilia On The Campaign Trail

There are some things that one simply does not discuss on the campaign trail, or even refer to. This list should not have to be mentioned, simply because good sense would dictate healthy boundaries. But in a time when it is ever more common to “break boundaries”, the question of “why not?” can theoretically be […]

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Study: One In Five Evangelicals Believe In Gender Fluidity

Gender is a simple thing to understand, and it should not require much effort. However, with all of the confusion about the most basic of human things, even this has been thrown into disorder, and religious people of good intentions are also affected. Thus it is that according to the Christian Post, a new study […]

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