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Christians Have Been Replaced As The New Go-To Demographic

There are various demographics that politicians try to target for their interests. For a long time, Christians were one of these groups. However, and this is a difficult fact to accept, but all evidence points that Christians have been replaced a long time ago by other groups, the most notable non-ethnic bloc (since ethnicity is […]

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Rioters For Breonna Taylor Throw Molotov Cocktails At Police Officers And Throw “Softball Sized Rocks” At The Police Station

By Theodore Shoebat The jacobin insanity continues, this time with hysteria over Breonna Taylor, regardless of the fact that the three officers involved in her death were cleared of any murder charges by a grand jury. Rioters in (not surprisingly) Portland threw molotov cocktails at officers and threw “softball sized rocks” at the police station. […]

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Russia Conducts Major Wargames In The Caucasus

With the world lumbering towards war and all major governments wanting it- this means the US and Russia alike -the Russians have recently brought forth their own series of wargames involving Belarus, China, Iran, and Burma (Myanmar) that is taking place in the Caucasus region according to AFP. The largest of these games, Caucasus-2020, kicked […]

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Switzerland Votes To Purchase New Fighter Jets

Switzerland, the landlocked country in Western Europe that sits between Italy to the south, Germany to the north, France to the West, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, is the famous ‘neutral nation’ in Europe as well as the place where politicians, criminals, movie stars, drug lords, governments, and people of all kinds of […]

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