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Prepare For A Repeat Of 2000

One may remember the year 2000, where during that presidential election, amid chaos and confusion, Florida was the ‘swing state’ that swung the election from Al Gore to George W. Bush. Now there are still a LOT of questions about that election and the ‘vote counts’ that went on, and with good reason. But speculation […]

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New Report Reveals: Turkish Soldiers Were Ordered To Murder Syrian Troops To Spark A War Between Turkey And Syria

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat Isaiah 10 records the Assyrian who gives a speech and says: “Is not Calno like Carchemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad? Is not Samaria like Damascus?” (Isaiah 10:9) Few focus on the Assyrian’s grand project to unify the entire Levant—that is the Fertile Crescent under his rule. This sound bite […]

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Study: Youth Suicide Rates Increase

One of the trends that I have pointed out to watch for the future is suicide rates. Most of the time I have discussed this in the context of the Millennial women, since owing to the fact that many are not married, nor having children, nor have any plans of having children in the future, […]

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Ten Percent Of Oregon Forced To Flee Because Of Wildfires

Yesterday, I made the point that California is fleeing wildfires, and some of these people to other states as part of a large migration, since political conditions as well as climate change (in the non-political sense) cause people to settle into different areas. I noted how this would have major impacts on politics as well […]

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