Archive | September 15, 2020


Will There Be An ‘Armed Insurrection’ After The 2020 Election?

People often talk about extremes in political life or as reactions to social problems. But given the current tensions domestically between left and right, especially with groups such as BLM and the protests and violence that has been allowed to happen, the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Caputo according to put […]

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Married Democrat Politician Caught With Male Prostitute In Hotel Officially Declares He Is Bisexual

In March 2020, covered the case of Andrew Gillum, a Democrat politician who was caught in a hotel room with a male prostitute. Given the circumstances and of how methamphetamine was present, that there may have been the practice of “slamming” taking place. But regardless of the specifics (other than the obvious, for one […]

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African Tourism Industry Destroyed By COVID-19

Many nations around the world rely heavily on tourism, and due to the unfortunately unbalanced nature of development in Africa, tourism is one of the main sectors used to make money (as opposed to having a diversity of economic investments outside of those that strictly enrich a small ruling class that largely does not care […]

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