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Germany Tells China To Stop Threatening European Nations, Says That Europe Will Stand Up For Her Interests

China has been attempting to assert herself around the world, and in typical Chinese fashion, thinks she can bully smaller nations. But she may have gone too far as Business Insider reports that Germany is standing up to China after the Asian nation made threats against Czechia. Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe […]

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Michael Moore Is Absolutely Right, Trump Has A Strong Chance Of Winning

Michael Moore is a person who many love and many hate. But regardless of what one feels about him, something that cannot be denied about him is that Moore has his finger close on the pulse of American society, and he has a deep understanding of how Americans act as a people. It is for […]

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Not An Exaggeration- Russian Hackers Dump Voter Database For Michigan And Four Other States On Darknet Website

There has been a lot of talk about Trump’s collusion with the Russian government, and while there are a lot of criticisms of FBI practices, the more one observes the situation, the clearer it becomes that the FBI report is less of a political ‘hit’ and rather an expression of many uncomfortable realities that are […]

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Russian Military Vehicles Ram Right Into American Troops And Injure Four American Soldiers

Russian military vehicles rammed right into American troops, injuring four, as we read from Kurdistan 24: On Tuesday, a Russian military convoy deliberately rammed a US military convoy operating in northeast Syria, leaving four US soldiers with “concussion-like injuries,” Politico reported on Wednesday. The report was subsequently confirmed by the White House. “At approximately 10 a.m. (Syria […]

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CDC Issues Nationwide Moratorium On Evictions Due To Effects Of COVID-19

In an action that will come as a shock to many property owners, the CDC according to NPR has ordered a mandatory nationwide halt on all evictions. The Trump administration is ordering a halt on evictions nationwide through December for people who have lost work during the pandemic and don’t have other good housing options. […]

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