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University Of Michigan Forced To Apologize For Promoting 1960’s-Style Racism

For a long time, one of the hallmark points made by the civil rights movement and other anti-racism advocates- and a correct point, I should add -is the disparity of goods and services that was offered to certain races versus other ones. Most famously, the example of the “whites only” and “coloreds” signs on bathrooms […]

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Major Floods Swallow Up The African Sahel Region

The Sahel region of Africa stretches from Senegal to Cameroon, and is the lands between the jungle and the desert. It is a vast region under the strong influence of the French and increasingly with American military assistance. According to France 24, while the USA is having a bout of severe fires in the Western […]

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California Fires Continue To Grow In Size, Severity

Wildfires are a well-known problem in California. However, it seems that with each year, the wildfires are getting worse. There may be truth to this, as the AP reports that the current round of California wildfires are some of the worse on record and continue to sweep the state. When it comes to California wildfires, […]

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AI-Written Editorial Says It Won’t Destroy Mankind While Declaring It Will

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) poses a very serious set of consequences for the world, as it contains within it the seed to potentially alter forever the means of human interactions, economics, and more fundamentally speaking, what it means to be a human and the relationship of man to robotics. There have been many […]

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Famed Journalist Bob Woodward In New Book Alleges Major Instability In Trump Administration

There is always a lot of controversy it seems around the Trump administration, but Axios reports that a new book by Robert Woodward has new allegations reporting in interviews that major figures in the Trump administration have deep suspicions of him, including ties to Russia and to other nations. Former director of national intelligence Dan […]

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