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The Leader Of The Catholic Church In Lebanon Confronts Hezbollah, And Declares That A Government Cannot Be Established In Lebanon As Long As Hezbollah Has Weapons And Excessive Influence Over The Government

Theodore Shoebat The Maronite Church in Lebanon has clashed with the Shiite establishment (especially Hezbollah), as the Maronite Patriarch, Moran Mor Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, has condemned factionalism and political factions running paramilitaries, a direct reference to Hezbollah which is a heavily armed Shiite paramilitary. Al-Rahi stressed that no serious political progress can be made in […]

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Not As Many People Are Working From Home As It Appears

There has been a major discussion about people ‘working from home’ as a ‘new normal’, but how true is this? According to one study, the talk about working from home may occupy the minds of the public, but the reality is that it is happening a lot less than what it appears. But it turns […]

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What If A Christian Made A Similar Comment?

“It’s ART.” “It’s COMEDY.” “It’s JUST A JOKE.” Comedy since the ancient world has been used as a tool of political or social criticism, as this is its inherent nature. One of the famed members of the British Comedy troupe Monty Python (I believe it was Eric Idle or John Cleese, but I cannot remember […]

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