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China Returns Five Missing Nationals To India After Confirming She Captured And “Educated” Them

The situation between China and India has been steadily deteriorating. The two have already had one shootout this year, and border clashed in villages in the Ladakh region are threatening a second shootout. Earlier this month, five Indians went missing in Arunachal Pradesh, which is located in the eastern region of India in the area […]

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Germany Discusses Possible Sanctions On Russian Gas Lines

There is a lot going on right now in Europe between Russia and Germany as the two historical powers are making attempts to exert their influence on the European continent once again. According to Reuters, there are now discussions coming from Merkel’s administration about possible sanctions on a Russo-German gas line. Chancellor Angela Merkel does […]

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Three Dozen Women Discover Their Child’s “Parent” From A Fertility Clinic Was Not A Genius, But A Dropout And Drunkard With Mental Problems

I do not believe I have ever covered the issue in writing, but from reading about trends in the fields of parenting, adoption, IVF, and essentially a modern and new form of trafficking in children, that in the name of ‘helping’ families, it would lead to serious abuses. One of the most obvious and blatant […]

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Theodore Shoebat VS Andrew Bieszad: Should Priests Be Forced To Report Pedophiles To The Police?

By Theodore Shoebat A number of days ago, one of our authors, Andrew Bieszad, wrote an article on how the Australian government wants to force priests to report other priests to confess to them (in the confessional) that they have been molesting children. Andrew objected to this, arguing that it would break the Seal of […]

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Water Conflict Grows On The US-Mexican Border

Wars fought over resources are always a constant fact of human history. However, while many people think of “resources” such as farmland, mines, or wealth (gold), there is one commodity that is even more important than all of these- water -because without this simple thing that is so hard to acquire at times, entire civilizations […]

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