Archive | September 14, 2020


C.G. Haendel Gets Bundeswehr Military Contract

Interesting news comes from Germany after the German Ministry of Defense announces a new contract for arms for the Bundeswehr as reported by T-Online. The Ministry of Defense wants to purchase the Bundeswehr’s new assault rifle from Thuringian manufacturer CG Haenel (Suhl). According to information from the German Press Agency, the Ministry of Defense informed […]

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Study: Cost Of Living Is Rising Much Faster Than Inflation

I have written many times about inflation and the relationship between money and policy, as well as the difference between inflation (rise in price because of demand leading to greed), and hyperinflation (the loss of faith in a currency that causes prices to rise because of the worthlessness of the means of exchange). What I […]

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When Is There Going To Be The First Chinese Chernobyl?

In the US, to refer to something in relation to Chernobyl is to suggest either a literal nuclear meltdown or a complete disaster as a metaphor. It refers to the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Soviet Ukraine in April 1986. However, this is not the only nuclear disaster. In 1979, the US had […]

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